How to join Teams meeting

When it's time for your meeting, click the link to join the meeting in your calendar appointment. If you're on your smart phone, you may need to download Microsoft Teams. If you're on a computer, your web browser will open and give you the option to download Teams, join from your web browser without having to install anything, or launch Teams if you already have it installed.

Once you are connected, you will be able to set your video and sound settings.

If you are not a Xinsto/NodeSpace employee, you will be placed into a "lobby" and the host of the meeting will need to admit you. Your host/meeting organizer should join within 5-10 minutes of the meeting start time. Sometimes your host/meeting organizer may be coming from another meeting. We apologize about any delays!

If you have never used Teams before, here is a quick overview of the features you may need to use:
A) Chat - This allows you to chat with others in the meeting. This is also useful for sharing information such as links. Chat doesn't open by default so if someone says they're putting it in the chat, you will need to click this button.
B) Rooms - Larger meetings may utilize breakout rooms. Click this button to access breakout rooms. 
C) Video Control - You can use this button to turn your video on or off as well as adjust video settings such as which camera you're using as well as change your video background. 
D) Mic Control - aka "mute". Click this button to mute yourself or to unmute yourself.
E) Share - This button allows you to share a screen, a window, or a program. Useful for allowing someone to see what you're looking at or if you're presenting something.
F) Leave - Click this button to leave the meeting.